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    Quality service since 2021

    Premium cloud hosting, ultra-fast & secure

    4.8 out of 5 stars based on 50 reviews

    Cloud hosting optimized for CMS and high-traffic websites, scalable and secure! Now with ultra-fast 4th generation NVMe storage! Quality service with unique features you won’t find with any other provider!

    Cloud Prime

    Our entry-level servers, premium quality and ultra-fast NVMe SSD storage.

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    Cloud Elite
    Cloud hosting for businesses, with up to 10x more resources running on cPanel.
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    Cloud VPS
    Complete control in a managed virtual machine, unlock the potential you’re seeking.
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    Discover maximum power with servers unmatched in scalability and performance.

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    Litespeed servers backed by Google Cloud

    Our Cloud hosting is audited and supported by Google Cloud and Hydra, optimized for over 300 CMSs incorporating cutting-edge technology in terms of speed and security.

    The use of extremely powerful alternatives such as Litespeed software, which doubles the performance of servers with standard Apache HTTP configurations.

    Litespeed is one of the best substitutes as it offers security, optimization, and compatibility, in addition to great performance and loading speed.

    4.8 out of 5 stars based on 50 reviews

    Si están buscando un servicio de…

    Si están buscando un servicio de calidad, prueben Orion y verán la diferencia. Soy diseñador de WP desde más de 4 años y siempre me daba problemas las empresas de hosting chilenas. En este caso quede sorprendido, el soporte un 7, muy atento y rápido en contestar. El servicio un 7, todo excelente. Recomendado

    Fernando Andres

    Verified client

    Un claro ejemplo de calidad antes que…

    Un claro ejemplo de calidad antes que cantidad. Ofrecen muy pocos planes, pero a mi gusto son buenísimos, todo funciona perfecto

    Soporte responden las mayor parte del tiempo antes de 30 minutos de haber realizado la pregunta o el ticket

    100% recomendado

    Nicolas Vasquez

    Verified client


    10/10, muy buen hosting, velocidad razonable y soporte atento. Me lo recomendó mi diseñador y estaba en lo cierto, actualmente tengo mi tienda con ellos y no me a dado caídas o cosas por ese estilo

    Rebecca Jaramillo

    Verified client

    Es exactamente lo que estábamos…

    Es exactamente lo que estábamos buscando como empresa, el servicio que entregan es de muy buena calidad y siempre resuelven las dudas, muy recomendado


    Verified client


    Rapidísimo, uno de los mejores hosting de Chile

    Marcelo Rojas

    Verified client

    Desde que comencé a utilizar el hosting…

    Desde que comencé a utilizar el hosting se vio la diferencia, todo muy rápido y el servicio que entregan es muy profesional. Fue una gran decisión cambiar todas mis páginas con ellos

    Manuel Valenzuela

    Verified client

    Soporte muy comprensible

    Soporte muy comprensible, me han ayudado bastante en mi página web. Tengo varios meses trabajando con su servicio de alojamiento y es súper bueno


    Verified client

    Muy buenos servidores

    Muy buenos servidores, más de 8 meses y 6 planes con ellos lo afirman. Todo excelente, sin ningún pero. Soporte responde acorde a lo preguntado y rápidamente
    Espero sigan así y no cambien sus políticas de servicio al cliente

    Fernando Fica

    Verified client

    Join 1,024 happy clients of our premium cloud hosting, utilizing cutting-edge technologies in the industry

    Daily Full Backups - Free!

    Daily backups with retention of up to 30 days

    We offer daily, free, and automatic backups in all our Cloud plans, with retention periods of up to 21 days. This means that the oldest backups will only be deleted after 21 days have passed.

    Our backup service includes a complete copy of the cPanel, covering websites, emails, databases, FTP information, and all the active options you have with us.

    All your information is securely backed up on specialized secondary servers, designed to store large volumes of data. These servers do not affect the performance of the central servers used by our users.

    Mailchannels & SpamExpert+

    Spam Protection and Email Delivery Improvement

    We use the MailChannels Cloud solution to ensure the secure delivery of our outgoing mail through a network of dedicated IP addresses. This implementation significantly improves delivery rate, even increasing it by an impressive 250%, effectively preventing misclassification as SPAM or junk mail.

    In addition to the MailChannels infrastructure, we have the powerful SpamExperts+ tool. This advanced email filter offers active protection by scanning and meticulously filtering incoming messages for SPAM, viruses, phishing, and other email-related attacks, achieving an impressive accuracy of 99.98%. All this protection is applied before the messages reach your inbox, thus ensuring a safe and uninterrupted email experience.

    Optimization for Loading Speeds

    Improve your site visits and conversion outcomes

    Are you aware of the significance of speed for SEO and your website conversions? With our Cloud Hosting, we offer you cutting-edge tools integrated into our servers that amplify and enhance the delivery and optimization of your WordPress CMS-developed websites.

    Now, with the implementation of .gz compression for sites and the optimization of media in .webp and .avif formats, you will experience a noticeable acceleration in loading times, without compromising performance or bandwidth consumption.

    By installing our CDN directly on the nodes, you will forego the need for external tools and achieve superior loading times, allowing a seamless experience for your users and enhancing your results.

    Customized Service to Meet Your Needs

    Cloud solutions for all types of projects

    Understanding that each innovative project is unique, we offer tailored solutions and approaches to suit the specific requirements of your website. Our deep knowledge of client needs enables us to provide personalized services that ensure your project’s success.


    Focused on bussines seeking cloud solutions, stability, and performance for their web projects.


    Grow your ecommerce from day one, improving load times and ensuring stability for your users.

    Iconly/Light/3 User

    Offer your clients cloud hosting solutions with excellent performance and no hidden costs.


    100% free cloud service for non-profit projects, with active support for your goals and objectives.

    Trust & Commitment

    28-Day Risk-Free Refund

    Because we know our customers have different needs. Try our services now 100% risk-free! If something does not meet your expectations, we will refund the full amount!

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    True Global Connection


    Cloud in more than +112 zones and 37 countries! Now with a global CDN in more than +289 locations providing worldwide access on the same server network! Whether your customers are in North America, Europe, or Asia, the response time will be instant 🚀

    4.8 out of 5 stars based on 50 reviews

    Build with speed,
    security, and peace of mind

    Choose from a variety of services you need—with true execution speed! We offer plans for different traffic sizes depending on your project. Great benefits compared to the competition at an incredible price. Achieve the full potential of your sites with our global CDN cache 🌐


    Explore cPanel, globally acclaimed for its user-friendly interface and popularity, unlocking your full potential effortlessly.


    Experience superior performance with state-of-the-art hardware and 4th generation processors, enhancing power.


    Enjoy instantaneous load times globally, whether your users are in India, the USA, Tokyo, or Antarctica, ensuring swift access.


    Access and install over 400 CMS with just one click! Simplify starting and managing your website more efficiently than ever.


    Benefit from powerful Anti-DDoS protection, with proactive scanning and immediate removal of Malware and Viruses to secure your site.


    Get reliable support with our live chat, offering problem-solving solutions and rapid response times of 1 to 2 hours, seven days a week.


    Secure your data with daily backups on alternate servers, providing robust data retention for up to 30 days for your peace of mind.


    Ensure maximum security and privacy for your clients with end-to-end 256-bit encryption, protecting information comprehensively.

    Do you have any questions?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A database with the most popular and common questions that we receive. Keep in mind that our support is active 7 days a week and will be delighted to help you if you do not understand any aspect of our services.

    • What is the difference between Cloud and traditional hosting?
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      Traditional hosting and cloud hosting are ways to store and display websites. Traditional hosting is like owning a house: you have a fixed and limited space for your things (your website) and if you need more space, you must move to a larger house (switch hosting plans).

      On the other hand, cloud hosting is like renting a flexible apartment. Your website is stored in multiple places at once (like clouds) instead of a single fixed location. If you need more space, you can “rent” more space quickly. It’s like adding more rooms to your apartment when you need them.

      Traditional hosting might be cheaper, but if your website becomes very popular, it could become slow. Cloud hosting is more flexible and scalable, which means it can handle more traffic smoothly.

    • What is a CDN?
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      A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is like a team of speedy delivery people for the internet. Imagine you have an online store and many customers visit your site to see your products. However, if your store is far from some customers, it will take longer for the products to arrive. This is where the CDN comes in.

      A CDN is like a network of warehouses spread all over the world. When someone wants to see your website, instead of going directly to your store, they get the products (content) from a nearby warehouse, which is faster. Thus, your images, videos, and web pages load faster on your customers’ computers and phones.

      This speed matters a lot. Slow sites can make people bored and leave. Plus, search engines like Google prefer fast sites, so having a CDN can improve your position in search results.

    • What are inodes and why are they important?
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      Inodes in hosting are like labels attached to each file and folder on your website. Imagine they are invisible labels that help organize and manage your files. Each file or folder has its own label (inode), which stores important information like the name, size, and location.

      Our Cloud hosting has unlimited inodes, imagine it’s like an infinitely large backpack for your files. It means you don’t have to worry about running out of space to put labels on your things. You can have as many files and folders as you want, because there is no limit on the number of labels you can use, but there is a limited amount of dedicated space allocated.

    • How do I install WordPress with one click?
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      Installing WordPress is super easy with Softaculous! Instead of spending hours configuring complicated things, you can do it with just one click! First, when you log into your control panel, look for the Softaculous icon (it’s like a smile :)) and click on it. Then, you’ll see a bunch of cool applications, but we’re just looking for WordPress right now! Click on its icon.

      Now, you just have to make some easy choices. You can choose whether you want to install it on your main domain or in a specific folder. Don’t worry, Softaculous will explain it to you. Then, choose a name and a description for your site. Almost done!

      Here comes the magic! Click the “Install” button and voilà! Softaculous will do all the heavy lifting for you. In just a few moments, you’ll have your own WordPress website ready to explore. It will give you the login details and voilà! You can start customizing your site and writing like a pro.

      So, if you want a cool website without the stress, trust Softaculous and enjoy WordPress with a single click!